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  • I live in Clocktown, South Carolina
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is Clocks
  • I am Other
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  • Thirteen, do you know how to make the pictures taken from the emulator bigger? They seem restricted in size.

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    • You were right thirteen! A bit ago I used paint on an image and it fix the small resolution problem. I'll have to go back a redo every picture though (-w-;)

      (;-w-) Sorry I haven't worked on the wiki awahile, I've been a little busy and my PC lags a lot when I work on wikia, and its hard to work on anything else when my pc has all the VIP stuff and photos stowed.

      Also Gabe, could you fix the front page? I'm not sure what happened with the first block of code (-w-;)

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    • Oh! Of course!

      I will definitely remake Brutal Mario and Vip Mario's front pages.

      They are really outdated!

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  • Thanks for changing the logo and favicon, they look great! :D

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    • This is the source code for a gallery (view in source mode):

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    • Ah, thanks!

      Weird... Why is it when I insert a picture, the slideshow centers, as well the picture doesnt fit, and when I add more, more than one slideshow frame is made :?

      I add the slideshows later I guess, or Gabriel could fix it.

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